Meet the Mumfords

When Nurith told me that she's planning to stop at her friend’s house I had my doubts. After all, there were good friends, for a year when they were at second grade. I had many friends in second grade or later which I haven't seen since and which even if I'll recognize, I'm not sure I'll say Hi.

But her wish is my command, so we found ourselves in Bellingham, searching for the right house

For Nurith and Julia it seemed like they just met again after school. We met Tom and their boys. Ours disappeared instantly to the back yard, jumping on Trampolines, playing pool and just running about. Tim and Nadav really hit it off and it was funny to see how they manage with no language, with hand gestures and grunts. Ohad and Nigel (the youngest) sort of managed, as Nigel did not always do what Ohad wanted (lack of language and Ohad's stubbornness)

I felt at ease, the hospitality was honest and we felt like home. We continued talking and getting acquainted (my case) and filling out the gaps (Nurith) until it was late.

The morning was like one big family with a big breakfast and kids running around. Later when we went out to see the Deming Logging Show it seemed like the two families have known each other for a long time. The rain that Tom (Father) said is going to stop, any minute, did not interfere too much (we are getting rain resistant… ) and it was great to see the camaraderie between the brothers, when Zack (Oldest) took off his sweatshirt to give to Tim which was cold.

So, to summarize this, visiting the Mumfords, was a great unwinding experience. We said we'll meet again in October in the Grand Canyon, so now we have a new target.


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  1. zahava marcel הגיב:

    It's nice that 32 years can be erased so easily. We were happy that the Mumfords and the Elkins hit it off so well .
    Whenever we meet the Campbells (Julia B' parents) we feel like continuing yesterday"s conversation.
    Thte lumberjacking experience we had in 1975 was also in the rain, but Nurith and Ehus do not remember it.

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