The Silva Family, royal family of Acámbaro

These are Martin, his daughter Fannie with her sister Cynthia sitting on the side (and a friend).

We met the family on the train back from the copper canyon. While I was trying to get some food for the kids in the restaurant car Nurith started talking to this guy which was traveling with his family. This is how we met Martin, his wife Leticia and their daughters Fannie and Cynthia (Their older boy, Martin was left at home to keep an eye on their spice shop). The train ride was long and they talked and eventually Martin invited us to come and stay awhile with them at their home in the town of Acámbaro. We said we'll see how it fits our plans and said goodbye (we left the train before them).

We talked about it. We thought it would be a great experience in our trip and they seemed a very nice family (we played cards on the train with Fannie and everybody were great). When accepted Martin's suggestion to visit Morelia (which was a very interesting and beautiful city) we thought it will be a shame if we don't stop and visit the Silva family which lives an hour away. We called once, to make sure that we understood correctly and Martin sounded surprised – of course he meant it!

After we left Pazcuaro, we drove to Acámbaro. Our fears of not being able to find the family were soon gone. We found them immediately with everyone springing into action, carrying our stuff to the room we got.

We got reacquainted with Leticia, Fannie, Martin (Jr.) and Cynthia. And we got acquainted with the spice shop and the smell. Yes, the smell is a very important part of this story. When we got in they were grinding  Mole. This was a deep smell, earthy almost, spinning your head trying to come up with all the things it reminds you. It is the smell of good food, of a welcoming place. The house lies behind the shop and each time we went through that cloud of great smell.

We went out, to eat and then drink some coffee and get to know each other, with Martin acting as a translator (he lived for a while in the US so his English is very good) and I’m trying my best with my broken Spanish. We set on two sides of the table, people from different places, different background and we talked, about all the common things we have and trying to understand how the other side lives while the kids were hovering around, playing video games and just running around.

We got the idea that they like to live the “Vida Buena” – the good and easy life. They lead a very pleasant and simple life with the extended family (Leticia has 3 sisters and 4 brothers) all living around, school being two blocks away, Leticia’s school (she is a math teacher) is two blocks away, the cafés where they hang out are near – and work is just in front of the house so the family meets at noon for lunch, as Martin closes the store and everybody can rest.

In the morning Martin insisted that he’ll be out tour guide to the town of Acámbaro

(Here I’ll direct you to the original Hebrew post which has the pictures and the captions)

After our tour we were invited to a barbeque. The family owns a small place, a walled garden where they meet for barbeques and rent it for small events.

We spent an entire pleasant afternoon, eating great food, meeting parts of the family (it was funny, with people coming and going – we soon lost track of the names and family connections). The kids were playing (although the local kids played a little bit too rough for Nadav while Ohad managed well) and soon a dice game started with me and Nadav joining.

In the morning we had to leave as the distances to our next stops on our trip were too big to stay in Acambro.

To Leticia, Martin, Cynthia, Fannie and Martin:

First of all, thank you for opening your home for us. We have enjoyed our stay very much and it is one of the best experiences we had in Mexico and our whole American tour. You have a beautiful family and a life which is admirable. We will always remember you and we will be happy to have you as guests in Israel.

En Primer lugar, gracias por abrir tu casa para nosotros. Gozamos mucho nuestra visita  , que fue una de las mejores experiencias que vivimos en Mexico y en todo nuestro tour Norte-Americano. Uds. Tienen una hermosa familia y una vida digna de admiracion. Los  recordaremos siempre, y seremos felices  de recibirlos en  Israel.

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